Lease/Rent My Car
Lease/Rent My Car


Buying a car is often one of the most important and expensive decisions someone will ever make. At Fleetcorp, we believe that everyone deserves to be able to own their own car.

Having trouble paying off your car loans?

Everyday in Australia, people have their cars repossessed because they are unable to pay their loans. If you find yourself in this situation, for whatever reason, Fleetcorp can help.

Going overseas?

If you’re heading overseas for over 6 months and don’t know what to do with your car, Fleetcorp can help you gain a passive income while you are away.

Our solution.

Fleetcorp is here to be your automotive agent. We connect you with clients from our database who are eager to lease your car for a short or long-term period. By leasing your car, you are able to supplement your current income, helping you pay your car loan.

We will make all the arrangements so that you can rest easy, knowing that your car is in good hands and you have an increased flow of income.

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